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4/12 - S P A M

So, SPAM...I hate spam...the "meat" and the mail! The mail though. It's an absolute epidemic...seriously! I do not want to buy a Jackrabbit Vibrator. I don't own a home, so refinancing is out of the question. Porn is revolting. If I had money to invest in the stock market I wouldn't choose a stock from Spam.

In an effort to make spam "fun" OJai and I are putting together a list of Spam pseudonyms that we get.

Beelebub O. Depo
Burglarized M. Swellhead
Toniest P. Travelogs
Mediating S. Chaff
Nineteenths K. Tribulation
Marilyn Askew
Giraffes S. Unregenerate
Ploughshares J. Pinstripe
Extenuates H. Evaproated
Crucially O. Aggravating
Respectfully G. Tanning
Virility G. Halfheartedly
Lucid T. Retrograded
Bluffed K. Realtor
Cases S. Levy
Frizzling O. Porosity
Saul M. Saladin
Drills P. Coccyxes
Bedevilment S. Litterbug
Angolans A. Amendment
Brutal D. Expending
Smuggle E. Ilyushin
Tapeworm I. Tinus
Jackass I. Timbre
Excerpted H. Elnora
Breakfast J. Bunged
Unbolted K. Roughhouse
Plumped J. Callused
Lilliputain I. Tarried
Kyle E. Ingrown

Lotteries S. Lawless
Corded J. Medellin
Duelist H. Shultz
Turtle R. Dispensation
Waifing S. Slangiest
Mistook G. Postcode
Scarleting G. Waddled
Swarthiest H. Wimbledon
Swedes I. Barricade
Conjugate K. Tiniest
Ulnae U. Flippest
Illuminates E. Cheating
Sextets V. Farrakhan
Catbird V. Skullcap
Virtuousness C. Saul
Skateboards H. Cuter
Mitch U. Defenders
Removers D. Tampax
Diagnostic P. Iodine
Detonator H. Yarmulke
Wuss L. Etchers
Bittersweet M. Doberman
Spit F. Surf
Thereabout O. Foreshorten
Manitoulin S. Etymological
Butler J. Agnostic
Burglarized M. Swellhead
Toniest P. Travelogs
Kitten U. Coxcomb