9/7/2005 - Siren

Eleven years is a long time.

I read recently that the average marriage only last 5 years. My longest job at one company was 5 years. Once, I owned a pair of shoes for about 3 years before tossing them. Dirty dishes have sat in my sink for 2 weeks and I thought THAT was a long time. In eleven years I think I’ve lived in at least 7 different places, maybe more. The longest time I’ve own the same car is 6.5 years. There are 5,781,600 minutes in 11 years. It takes 12 years to graduate from grade school.

This is a 14 year old shoe…


This is Siren, (partly) my 11 year old cat.

He was 11 in May, we share the same birthday. Laura and I had him for 6 years together then when we went our separate ways she kept Siren and Bagheera and I took Roo.

Siren died last week. I haven’t written about it yet because I couldn’t bring myself to think about it. Laura’s journal entry was very touching.

Siren came into my life when he was about 3 weeks old, a poor pathetic wreck. Someone had discarded him in a gutter. Luckily a friend that Laura and I worked with came across him and brought him to work. Laura and I were both taken by him and his beautiful blue eyes and an amusing siren for a voice. We bottle fed him for a couple of days until we realized that we couldn’t take care of him as well as we should.

Another friend we worked with worked in a vets office also, she took Siren in for a while and the office fell in love with him immediately! They got him all fixed up and returned him to us. As a side note, when we took him in for shots some time later they couldn’t believe this monster of a kitty was the teensy guy we had brought in before!

Siren thought he was one of us. He didn’t know any better, how could he?! He enjoyed people food and always wanted to try whatever we were having. French fries, potato chips, Doritos, and syrup were among his favorite items. Anything junk or sugary! He was always with us no matter what we were doing.

Siren was a very special soul and even though I didn’t get to live with him the past 5 years I saw him all the time and still loved him so much. What an unconditionally loving kitty he was.

Favorite memories:

Wrestling with Siren when he was younger and playing the ARRRRRRRRRG! game with him. (if anyone has seen Liar, Liar with Jim Carrey it’s similar to “the claw” he played with Max) We both loved it!

The long fur on his feet. The bottom of his feet. Like an inch of hair growing between the pads of his feet.

His beautiful blue eyes.

The way he looked at Laura.

Pinning Linda’s arms under the blanket while watching TV.

Siren’s last weeks weren’t easy for him or us. We hurt seeing him hurt, but we had hope that he would make it through. As the weeks passed we realized that it was going to be more of a battle than expected. His poor body went from 22 whopping pounds to a slight 12 pounds and his belly, neck and legs lost all fur. He purred and enjoyed being around us and loved us and let us love him.

In the end, it was just too much for him to overcome, and that’s okay, we know he fought. Siren came into the world fighting and he left the world fighting and that’s all we can ask. I love him and always will! He holds a place in my heart that’s his only and I’m so happy that he’s in a place where he is whole again.

Godspeed, Siren!

I miss that furry guy!