8/25/2005 - Only 50 people??!

So I’m sitting on a flight from Burbank, Ca to Salt Lake City, Ut. The lady to the left of me is reading a book, it looks like a “Dummy’s guide…” this particular one has to do with sales or something like that. The few sentences I’ve read over her shoulder has Al trying to teach Frank better sales, and all of his advice comes from “The Wizard”.

The lady to the right of me is reading a book, possibly volume II of “Religious Groups (Sociology of Religion)”, she’s only a few pages into this one, but is on page 426.. Hmmmm… She stops reading periodically, closes her eyes, perhaps sleeps, then scribbles some notes and reads some more. Iiiiinteresting.

I’m sitting on a CRJ50, that’s the plane, it seats FIFTY. There’s something like 13 rows 2 seats on each side…or something like that. The lady in front of me said… “I didn’t know I was getting a Cessna”. I’m with you on that one lady.

As we were taking off the bin above seat 4C (right across from me) was rattling. A LOT. How OLD is this plane?! At one point I was a little worried that the contents were going to spill out onto me if we went much faster. Luckily, everything stayed where it should have…I hope the same for landing.

“Careful when opening overhead bins as items tend to shift, onto Cinnamon’s lap, during flight.”

I’m bored. Laura gave me an Orson Scott Card book to read, I can’t even remember the name of it now. Want to know why? Well, I’ll tell you, you see, apparently this plane is so small that normal carry-on luggage doesn’t fit in the overhead bins, so when I tucked my book into my bag I didn’t know they were going to TAKE it from me. I wonder when I’ll see it again. They said I didn’t have to go to baggage, is that because I shouldn’t book on getting it back?

The pilot just made an announcement, it sounded like this…
“Hi fks, mwaaa flbbbbb! Fllllllb, mmmmmhpp, waaaaaaffffttt.” [Ding]

Now our only steward is sitting down reading a magazine.

Another announcement, something about descending. I think…. I’m just going to hang out until the steward moves, that seems a good indication.

Hmmmm….apparently I don’t have much else to say. WOW, getting BUMPY! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Okay, well the steward is moving and we’re going down, so I guess it’s time to put the laptop away. I’ll write more later.


I made it safe and sound. Although I think our plane dropped us off in some maintenance terminal. Rather than gates there were "doors", and it was all concrete with no air conditioning or anything. All the doors opened right onto the tarmac. What an adventure!