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7/8/2005 - 26 Things (again)

So you may remember a while ago I set out to photograph 26 things from a monthly list. I failed miserably, I think I managed to get 7/26 and that's an F by anybody's standards.

So the July 2005 list has been posted and I'm going for it again. See me go?! See?

Discarded Baby
Sunday Six
Sleep Stamp
Round Faux
Light Up Photographer
Important Publication
Profile Storage
Unkept Floppy
Impressive Parking Sign
Layers Entertainment
Eat Mixed Bag
Celebrate Aged
Clear Down The Street

That is my new goal. Maybe I should put that on my List-for-Life...hehehe, maybe then it would get done. I doubt it.

Tonight Laura, Linda, Steve and I are going to the Hollywood Bowl to see Stephen Sondheim's 75th: The Concert, and wow...check out the performers! I'm most looking forward to Carol Burnett, Angela Lansbury, Bernadette Peters and Jubilant Sykes (because dude! his name!). Honestly, Jason Alexander gives me hearburn so I'm not looking forward to him, but I'm sure he'll be lovely along with everyone else (note to self: Bring Tums)! I sure hope there are fireworks, it doesn't say there are fireworks but it also doesn't specifically say there aren't, a girl can hope, right?