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7/6/2005 - Interplanetary Recycling

So, my friend OJai has the BEST dreams ever. She's got the most active brain imaginable! Demonic pinball, fishing in the basement, kidnapping, guns, no guns, Zombie tag, turning down propositions by Vin Diesel (which is just WRONG!)....It's a rare day when I can share a dream with her. I did the other day.

cimmy: okay, what else did I have to tell you?
cimmy: wasn't there 2 things on the message?
OJai: 1)
OJai: Wicked
cimmy: oh, done
OJai: 2) two dreams
cimmy: okay, so dream
cimmy: so you know how you're in that state where you're TRYING to fall asleep
OJai: oh yes
cimmy: and you're sort of half in...half out
cimmy: so I was trying to figure out how many combinations there are on one of those locks with the 6 numbers across and six on each wheel
cimmy: you know the ones?
OJai: yes
cimmy: and I was like....let's see....6 to the power of 6.......6x6=36.....36x6 is....
cimmy: wait...isn't it going to be MORE than that
cimmy: and I kept trying to do the math in my HEAD!!!
cimmy: 1. 012345
cimmy: 2. 112345
cimmy: 3. 212345
cimmy: like that, over and over and over
OJai: hahahahahahaha
OJai: hahahahahahahahahaha
OJai: wow
OJai: dream math!
OJai: that is EXHAUSTING
cimmy: so....6 to the power of 6 is 279936
cimmy: and I"m sure that's too small of a number
cimmy: then
cimmy: I dreamed taht you and I were together (T H A T)
OJai: hah
cimmy: and we wre going to take your dad's plane out for a spin
cimmy: so we hopped in and you said "here, you drive"
cimmy: me: "I don't know how"
cimmy: jai: "me either, but you'll figure it out"
cimmy: me: "yah, okay!"
cimmy: so we're soaring
OJai: that could totally happen
cimmy: and you said, very matter of need to go up to 10,000 ft
OJai: sure
cimmy: and i look at you suspiciously...."um, you said you didn't know how to fly..."
cimmy: and then I go up to 10,000 ft
cimmy: when were safely there you tell me that I need to dive
cimmy: me: "oh, okay"
cimmy: so I slam the wheel down and we're hovering pointed downward and tehre is this LONG eternal road that just looks amazing from where we are
cimmy: it goes on forever
cimmy: then you say "GOOOOOOOO"
cimmy: and I move the wheel the wrong way and we shoot up to like 20,000 ft
cimmy: and we both shrug
cimmy: and I look out the window and a can of ready whip topping floats by

cimmy: and I look at it....then a banana split goes by
cimmy: and I look at you
cimmy: quizzically
cimmy: quizicly
cimmy: questioningly
cimmy: whatever!
cimmy: and you "pfffttttttt" me
cimmy: and say "don't you know! when you get this high up, all the stuff that's been dropped on earth and not picked up shoots up here and floats around."
cimmy: me: "oh....nope, I didn't know that"
cimmy: the end
OJai: AWESOME!!!!!!
OJai: maaaaaaaaaaan
OJai: that's good stuff!!
cimmy: and I hardly ever have dreams I can recall that well!
cimmy: what do you suppose it means??!!
OJai: hbahahahahahahah
OJai: well
OJai: let's see
OJai: it means we will go on the Amazing Race
OJai: win a million dollars
OJai: by learning to fly a plane
cimmy: yay!
OJai: and spend some of our winnings in support of interplanetary recycling programs
cimmy: hahahahahaha!
cimmy: I've always wanted to get involved with interplanetary recyclling
OJai: obviously!