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7/7/2005 - Ladies and Gentlemen....

…Barbara Streisand!

Yes, Babs was an unexpected guest at the Hollywood Bowl, as was Warren Beatty (who sounded like he might have been drunk…or something). Babs did *not* however sing. Well, unless you count singing Happy Birthday with 15,000 other people “singing”, “…happy birthday dear Steeeeeeeephen, Haaaaaaaappy Biiiiiiiiiirthday tooooooooo yoooooooooou”

The night was quite good even though none of my pictures turned out and I only knew about 3 songs from the entire performance. It started with a clip from The Simpsons of Krusty singing “Send in the Clowns” , hehehehe! There were clips of Stephen Sondheim doing interviews mixed throughout the show and then live performances.

Carol Burnett did “I’m not Getting Married Today” from Company

Angela Lansbury and Len Cariou did “A Little Priest” from Sweeney Todd. HA! I don’t know that music, but it’s a funny song!

Bernadette Peters did a couple of numbers, but my favorite was “Children will Listen” from Into the Woods at the very end of the show. Lovely!

Elaine Stritch was a big favorite of the crowd as was Barbara Cook (who's that?!).

It was a great night. Except, for the final bow Angela Lansbury tripped over a mic cord and landed on her knees. She seemed to be okay but I’m sure it hurt! She is, after all, 80 years old this October! And who was helping her up? Bernadette Peters…56 year old BP. Who did not run across the stage to help her up? Erik McCormack, that’s who, or Josh Groban, or Jason Alexander! Pffftttt! Some other old guy came running over and helped her up. Yay old guy!

Saturday I went to the Disney Family Picnic with my friends. It was great fun, we stayed the entire day! We played bingo, and you’d think with an hour and 16 cards between us we might have won SOMETHING, but no…we didn’t, but it was fun! We played some of the kid games, we did a peddle boat, we ate bbq, we made sundaes, we walked around, Laura and I did a balloon toss and Linda did the Velcro wall (heh, ask her about the mark on her chin). The Velcro wall is great fun...if you weigh less than 50 lbs. Anything over that you don't stick or can't get enough velocity to throw your body up high enough. This little kid had it made, her mom would THROW her up on the wall!! Now that looks like fun!