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6/17 - The List

I hate very few people or things. I hate olives, I hate them because they taste like metal and leave a terrible taste in my mouth. I hate spiders, I'm not sure why but I like them so little that I can't even get close enough to them to squish them (unless I have my sword). I dislike mushrooms, but I wouldn't put them on my list because if I had to I would eat them before, say, olives or spiders.

As for people, that list is really quite small...there's not so much individuals as there are qualities, the first being MEAN people, people who are mean just because the think they can get away with it. People who are mean and bullying for no reason other than their own gratification. I work with a person like this and she is on my list. I'm sure, outside of work, she's a lovely person that is loved by many, I however, am not one of them. She makes everything difficult and I don't know why, one time I asked for 30 minutes with her boss for my boss, she came back with a date 35 days away, after much pain and going back and forth, we found a day less than a week away. Today I had an experience with her that pretty much inked her name on my list...there's no erasing here! I won't mention names, but it's not terribly difficult to figure it out if you know me...or her.

Session Start Fri Jun 17 15:25:16 2005

Cimmy: I HATE "XXX"

Friend: oh dear!
Friend: why?
Cimmy: X (
Cimmy: because....
Cimmy: oh, it's about meetings
Cimmy: and it's a long story
Friend: ok
Cimmy: I had to schedule something but "XXXBoss" is on vacation
Cimmy: My boss asked me to find out if "XXXBoss" wanted to attend on the phone or whatever...or have it moved
Friend: ok
Cimmy: she's out until 8/2 and the budget this meeting is about is DUE on 8/4
Friend: sounds reasonable
Cimmy: she's not the big-wig in this meeting
Cimmy: the CFO is
Cimmy: so I sent this
Cimmy: Hi "XXX",

We had to change the LTP meeting with "CFO" and I know that "XXXBoss" is on vacation then. Would you please let her know that it's taking place and due 8/4/2005 and see if she would like to attend anyway or have us try to move the meeting?

Cimmy: she calls me a little later
Cimmy: I recognize her number and say ""XXX", hi!"
Cimmy: "XXX": "So, you are saying that you want "XXXBoss" to cancel her vacation!!"
Cimmy: me: "No, I didn't say that at all."
Friend: now flustered
Cimmy: not flustered at all actually...
Friend: oh that's good
Cimmy: just pissed that she would 1. start like that and 2. be such a b!@ch
Friend: you are obviously USED to it now
Friend: What happened after that?

Cimmy: me: "No, I didn't say that at all. I said that I needed you to talk to "XXXBoss" about the meeting and see if she'd like to attend, have it without her, or reschedule."
Cimmy: "XXX": "well, let's just reschedule it."
Cimmy: Me: "well, this is when it works for CFO's office right now, I don't want to reschedule it until you've spoken to "XXXBoss" to see what she wants to do."
Cimmy: I then told her what CFO's schedule was like
Cimmy: because he's in London the week of the 11th and 18th and not available the 25th
Cimmy: which only leaves 7 days to schedule it..."XXXBoss" isn't around for 6 of them
Friend: She is sure a brat huh?
Cimmy: okay, I'll forward your request to "XXXBoss", thanks. [hang up]
Friend: charming!
Cimmy: I went in to My boss and just said "HATE"
Cimmy: My boss: "what did "XXX" do?"
Cimmy: so I explained it and she just rolled her eyes
Cimmy: and said "you need to just stand your ground with her!"
Cimmy: "your email was fine"
Cimmy: excuse me...but this is a direct quote "geeeeeeeeeeezus!"
Friend: From your boss?
Cimmy: yes
Cimmy: to "XXX", not me
Cimmy: NOW! CFO's office is calling to reschedule
Cimmy: because "XXX" called them
Cimmy: it just gets worse
Cimmy: now...."XXXBoss" is back the first week of Aug. but CEO is out and CEO totally trumps "XXXBoss"
Cimmy: so THERE
Cimmy: I have an ulcer
Friend: that is ugly!

Cimmy: so, I just sent this to "XXX"....
Cimmy: For more clarification, I just spoke with CEO's office and he is out the first week of Aug., so we wouldn't be able to reschedule it there.
Cimmy: [you big b!@ch...take THAT!]
Cimmy: [handing a quarter to nancy for swearing on IM]
Session Close (Friend): Fri Jun 17 15:59:36 2005

Session Start (Cimmy:Friend): Fri Jun 17 16:22:13 2005
Cimmy: I'm still totally uptight!
Friend: I would be too
Friend: there isn't any way around that!
Friend: Thne having to deal with CFO's office BECAUSE "XXX" called
Friend: makes it look like she is telling tales out of school!
Cimmy: I hate it
Cimmy: how annoying

Other than that I can't think of any specific person to put on the list at the moment. Here are some qualities on my list...

1. Mean people
2. People who can throw away relationships because they're hard (and this one has qualifications, don't worry)
3. Bullies
4. People who are racist
5. People who *always* have to be right, no matter who it hurts

6. When people don't keep their word
7. People who spread gossip