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6/17 - Addy

The other night I was sitting on my bed working on my laptop and playing with Addy.

Who’s Addy you ask? This is Addy… Pretty cute, huh? My friend and next door neighbor, Linda, found her yelping behind her shed. After chasing her around the backyard (behind the shed, then she zoomed behind the tomato plants, then she zoomed behind the BBQ) she finally caught her and brought her over to me. Of course I knew she’d be with me for a while…some say I have to softest heart ever, others just think I’m a pushover. Well, whatever you think she’s cute and I couldn’t help but want to help her.

This poor kitty was very dirty, she had ear mites, fleas almost as big as her and the pads on her feet were rough and raw in places. How can you not want to help? We took her inside and immediately fed her something. Then we took her to my house and gave her a bath. I have shampoo that kills fleas on contact and while it’s meant for older cats I figured it would be okay for her, in her state…

That got her looking better and killed a good portion of the fleas. Afterward she was so tired she just fell asleep and went limp. Linda and I picked out as many of the fleas as we could.

She’s about 5 weeks old and weighs 1.2 lbs, I know because I took her to the vet on Monday…$150.00 and 4 hours later she’s got her blood test (YAY no FIV/FELV) so I don’t have to worry if she gets around my other cats, and she’s had her ears cleaned of mites, and several medicines. I need to take her back for a check up eventually.

Now she’s like a new kitten, she’ll go to bed with me and she wakes up promptly at 6:40 every morning. Her favorite game is to sneak up on me (while I’m sleeping) and launch herself onto my face, bite my nose and then zoom away. It’s fairly cute the first time, but it gets old pretty fast. I think I might have launched her off the bed a couple of times in my slumbered state. She seems no worse for the wear though, so I’m not too worried. I’m just glad she doesn’t bite hard…otherwise I’d wake up bloodied!

So, as I was saying, I was working on my laptop and playing with Addy when I got an IM from a friend of mine. It had a link in it and told me to check it out. Since this is a FRIEND of mine I clicked on the link…then all hell broke loose. Trojans and viruses infested my computer. Stupid McAfee didn’t even catch any of it. Stupid McAfee, why did I ever switch from Norton? Immediately I closed everything and opened McAfee to scan for viruses. “Yep, you got it bad lady”, it told me. It cleaned a few things but not everything. Only just today I’ve gotten it all sorted out, all I had to do was reload Windows XP and every other program on my laptop. [Grumble]

Turns out the real problem was the crap that had rooted itself in memory. I tried everything I could to try to get it out, but I ended up having to reload. I guess that’s not so bad. I was able to recover everything I needed and now I have a good clean version. Wonder how long it will stay that way.

And if you’re wondering about Addy, Linda has a great home for her. I’m just hanging onto her for a few weeks to get her healthy, socialized and…well…love her and play with her for a while.