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6/14 - The Ironic Life

Most people reading my blog know that I teach the Young Women at church. I seem to get ironic topics like The Priesthood in the Home (I never HAD the priesthood in my home), Eternal Marriage (Single!), Chastity (36 and Single! Thank you for mocking me!).

This Sunday I had the topic Overcoming Opposition which isn’t so much ironic as TRUE, I like to think I know a little about the topic. I started really preparing on Friday but had been thinking about the topic for a week or so. Let me tell you how Friday went…shall I?

I work 9-6 and I have a job that doesn’t really require much overtime, though I’m happy to put some in if needed. Friday I had a meeting that needed to be set up by 8:30 which meant I needed to be in the office by 8:15. *MY* meeting (you’ll need to remember the MY part for later) was from 8:30-9:30 at which time our department staff meeting then takes place. Because we’re using a new vendor for food for our meetings I’d been asked to order extra so that it was there when MY meeting ended and staff meeting started. Fine, no problem, I ordered an extra tray and made sure it was set out when my meeting ended. As I understood it, that was my only responsibility.

A few minutes after my meeting ended James comes down to my cube, “we’re out of coffee!” I have no response to that other than “okay.” We have 2 kitchens on our floor, each has a coffee maker, each had coffee made so I suggested that he just fill the airpot from the vendor with our coffee. I’m not sure if he’s asking me to fix this or just letting me know that next time we’re going to need to order more coffee…I’m assuming that since this is HIS (see where the MY/HIS meeting clarification comes in?!) meeting he’ll take care of it. A little later he comes by again and says there’s no water. Again, I’m thinking…okay, you have a refrigerator filled with waters, set it out. MY meeting didn’t require water, I got coffee and juice.

So far I’m feeling like *I*’ve done something wrong, but my meeting was fine. A little later James calls me and says, “I need to pass on some information.” He then proceeds to tell me all the things I did wrong.

1. There wasn’t enough coffee, we ran out! Okay, I get it, next time 2 airpots of coffee, got it, I already SAID I get it, I already said I’d order more. And never mind that we had at least 8 cups of coffee made in the kitchens that could have been used in a COFFEE EMERGENCY. (as a side note, when I cleaned up, I threw away at least 2 cups of decaf. If people were that desperate drink the decaf.) SHEESH

2. Second on the laundry list was the fact that there was no water. No.Water. Apparently Suzanne asked to be handed a water and someone said “there isn’t any” to which Suzanne replied “WHAT?! NO WATER??!” James then had to bring some in. Now, at this point I feel like I should say, just one more time, this ISN’T MY MEETING, my meeting didn’t require water. THE END.

3. There was a white board in the way.
Me: “Um, WHAT?!”
James: “Yes, the white board was sort of sticking out at the front of the room, it needs to be off to the side.”
Me: “And Suzanne couldn’t have just pushed it off to the side if it was impeding her progress?”
James: “I don’t know.”
Me: “You know James, the board was probably used in the previous meeting. Just PUSH IT OFF TO THE SIDE!”
James: “I’ll pass that on.”

4. And finally, the food was on the wrong counter.
Beg your pardon?
The food…it was on the wrong counter.
Me: “Fine.” [eye roll] petty much?!

So then I told my boss what was going on, his comment “well, now you know how to improve for next time”…WHAAAAAA??!!!

So then I talked to Kirsten about it, who’s the one who asked me to order the extra food, to clarify what she understood my role to be. Kirsten: “um, just order the food.” [relayed the story] Indignation all around.

Then I didn’t get to take my lunch until sooooo late, I really wanted CPK. I heard my group talking about ordering something…I hollered over the cube,"where are you ordering from?" Nothing. Again. Nothing. Meh…. Guess what they came back with. Yep, CPK… I went to Burger King and got a salad. It was okay. On the way out, I stepped on an open packet of ketchup…it squirted all over me.

Yesterday I got a fix-it ticket from Officer Muniz…thank you, officer. Last night I got a virus on my computer that my virus protection didn’t catch and can’t fix.


my "realtime" conversation with OJai about the incident here