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5/25/2005 <sniff, sniff>....[Thunk!]

I could be mistaken, but I think there's a dead body in the alley!

...more precisely, I think there might be a dead body in the garbage can. Well, and even more precisely than's in the greens recycler!

I'm afraid to lift the lid partly because of the dead body that's in it but also, I'm afraid of the stench that will waft up and smack me in the face. I suppose I could borrow Wendy's CDC suit and go traipsing out there in full regalia but I'm still not sure I want to find a dead body. It's one thing to see it on CSI or ER which I don't really mind, but up close in person? ACK!

The greens recycler is actually quite a good place to hide a body, especially if you have a freak of a sanitation worker like we do! On garbage day the alley is littered (ironic?) with trash cans, some weeks he'll empty your trash, others he won't. Depends on the way the wind blows I guess. Anyway, the garbage can and the recycler always has people looking through it for bottles and cans but who would look in the greens container? No one that's who!

I could call the cops and have them check it out...they're professionals after all, right? I'm a little worried, though, about their reactions when it turns out to be clippings. Can you imagine?

"Did you hear about that wacky Burbank woman? Said she found a dead body. Turned out to be clippings..."[roars of laugher]

"Here, here's her license number and plate number...pull her over next time you see her and get the full story."

I think I'll pass, I mean I've got enough problems...THERE'S A DEAD BODY IN THE ALLEY. maybe. So, I've come up with another plan, it goes a little something like this.

Cim: Laura, here's a dead flower, would you mind putting it in the GREENS recycler for me? Oh, and can you please make sure you look in and watch it hit the bottom.

What do you think? Think it will work?

Failing that...Wendy, get your CDC suit ready!