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5/17/2005 - Star Wars and other stuff

I found this web site once, actually I think my friend Christopher hooked me up with it. I always *want* to do it, and never actually do. The “project” is to take pictures of random words. Here’s the May 2005 list:


Can't Live Without
On the Move
Holding Back
Out of Control
Awe Inspiring
Just a Sample
On the Edge
Do You See What I See?
All Grown Up
What The?
Making It Official
In Two's
Unfinished Business

So, that’s my goal. I’m going to try to capture all these words by the end of May 2005. I was browsing through some of the projects that had been turned in and everyone has such a different interpretation of what these words “look like”.


I’m exhausted…with all the birthday activities and going to the 12:01 a.m. showing of Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith last night/this morning I can barely see straight.

I have a few comments, so if you haven’t seen the movie and are planning on it and don’t want to hear ANYTHING about it, STOP READING.

Otherwise, pull up a chair and have a seat.

I’ll say this right up front, the thing is, this movie will be LOVED by so many people because they are die hard Star Wars fans, plain and simple. They will worship the end of a very long series. Yes, the dialogue is bad, the acting flat, the directing sucks but it doesn’t matter because this is LUKE SKYWALKER and DARTH VADER, American icons, and we’re finishing their story. [stepping off my soapbox]

I got there at about 7:15 (others in our party had been there since 1:30) and they let us in the theater at 8:00, which was very nice of them considering there was still another 4 hours before the show started.

At one point in line I was standing there and all these people around me were dressed up in Star Wars gear and I just looked at whoever was next to me (Gena, was it you?) and said “I think I’m out of my element.” I REALLY loved Star Wars, the first one…well, the FOURTH chronologically but the first one that ever came out. You know, the one called Star Wars. I’m so confused! ANYway, I really loved it, my dad took me to it at least 5 times and we loved it every time! I remember waiting in line at the Cinerama Dome and having such a good time.

Episode III is supposed to tie up all the loose ends and catch us up to the first one (which is really the fourth one). Going in, you pretty much know what to expect but I have to say, I was really looking forward to some kind of twist. Like a twist with Chewy trying to save Anakin or something or a twist with Hans Solo being one of the kids that survived Anakin’s attack at the temple or SOMETHING, but there was nothing. Chewbacca was recognized in the film for about 3 seconds…gratuitous Chewbacca if you will… Whatever…

The best performances were from Yoda and R2D2, dude make the whole movie puppetry and maybe that will improve the acting.

Natalie Portman—wonderful actress in anything but this movie.
Hayden Christensen—flat, always looking past what he’s supposed to be talking to or addressing.
Samuel L. Jackson = Samuel L. Distraction!

Honestly, I don’t fault the actors for the bad performances—I fault the writer(s) and director(s), humph! Ewan McGregor was quite good, but very little “feeling” in his performance. I had a bit of a beef with R2D2 because he had all these awesome gadgets and he was spunky but that isn’t how he was in the original, what happened to him to make him get all wussy!? He took out two of those bunny rabbit looking guys!

One more beef and then I’ll be done. Was it me, or did everyone see the marketing in this? Most blatantly for video games, I sort of felt like I was watching a video game. Two examples; when Yoda was fighting the Emperor in the senate meeting room (hop, hop, kick, summersault, attack, hop, attack) and when Obi-Won was fighting Darth Vader in the lava (hop, hop, kick, summersault, attack, hop, attack). Meh…

Because I pretty much didn’t get (I’ll admit that) or like the other two recent ones I sort of assumed I wouldn’t like this one. I was pleasantly surprised to realize I actually did enjoy most of it. That must be the key, go in with really low expectations.

I know I said I was going to be done a couple of paragraphs ago, but this one last thing…aren’t we over dressing up like Luke and Leah and Obi-Wan??

Here’s my breakdown:

Fun factor:
Special Effects:

3 out of 5 stars

Worth the price of admission, but don’t wait 6 hrs to see it