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4/10 - Wilting

I live by one of the busiest freeways in California. And by “BY” I mean it’s about 50 yards from my front door and the Northbound onramp is about 50 feet from my front door. This presents some interesting moments in my life. Besides the noise, I’ve gotten used to the trucks going through 15 gears on the way to the freeway, there are accidents. Sometimes we (my next door neighbors and I) go out to offer assistance, sometimes we just call 911 and let them know about it.

Yesterday, Laura and I were standing in her house and we heard the dreaded, SCREEEEECH, followed by the thunk of cars coming together, followed by another SCREEEEECH, then silence. Laura and I looked at each other and said “uh-oh, that didn’t sound good” and I said “should we go look?” Laura looked out the window and saw a maroon Saturn on the offramp, with literally, NO back. From where we were it looked as if the entire trunk was missing. At that, we decided that we’d better get up there and help out since it seemed to be the only car there.

Laura first went up to the car while I walked and called 911. I told them the emergency and they said they had to transfer me to CHP. Once transferred to CHP I waited on hold while still keeping an eye on Laura and what was going on there. At one point I saw the guys in the second vehicle, which was still on the shoulder of the freeway, come down and confront the guy in the Saturn and it looked like they were not happy at all and I decided I’d better get up there and help Laura out. As I arrived to where she was, she was saying “Just calm down, back off, just chill out and wait for the cops” and then the manly “chest puffing” started. I casually walked up and stood right in between the guys and didn’t say a word. They turned and went back up to their car.

Saturn-Guy was really quite bumped up. He was bleeding from the head a little, from behind his ear and he was applying pressure to his right arm while Laura was applying pressure to the left. The front driver’s seat was reclined completely from the impact. SUV-Guys (three of them) seemed to be unharmed, one was holding his arm, but said he was fine. Their airbags deployed and they didn’t have nearly the damage (it appeared) as Saturn-Guy.

Saturn-Guy was WAY more coherent than I would have been in that situation, he wanted Laura to call his wife and call his brother, and he was worried about the 100’s of dollars worth of tools he had in the car…and scattered all over the road. One box of tools (maybe 25 lbs) had flown from his car (where in his car I don’t know), down the offramp and stopped about 30 feet beyond where his car stopped.

We had him sit down on the guard rail (sure he was going to go into shock) until CHP arrived. They arrived about 15 minutes after we got there and the cops started taking notes. Luckily, one guy that had been on the freeway and seen the entire thing came back and waited for cops. From what he said Saturn-Guy had, for the most part, made a RIGHT TURN over 2 lanes of traffic cutting everyone off and SUV-Guys were in the slow lane and rammed right into him.

Paramedics came and started giving the guy first aid. On his right arm, he was missing a huge chunk of flesh close to the elbow. His left arm had a ‘V’ shaped gash in it. Everything was finally calming down and the paramedics were about, or maybe they already had…this is where it gets fuzzy, to take him to the ambulance. I was starting to feel a little lightheaded so I sat down on the guard rail. When it hadn’t passed after a few minutes I looked at Laura and said, “I’m feeling a little woozie, could I hold on to your arm?” to which she replied (and this I remember) “I have blood all over my hands so I don’t want to touch you.” Next, 3 paramedics were squatting in front of me… Whoa…how did I get down HERE! One asked me my name, “Cinnamon”, I replied. To which he said, “Tell me your name”, me, “Cinnamon”. Apparently, I had passed out. What the…

What I missed was Linda saying “Cim, you can hold on to me.” At which point I looked at her, rolled my eyes, and then started wilting at about a 45 degree angle. My leg folded under me and I went down like a rock. Coming back to Linda said that I looked at everyone and said in an annoyed tone, “What!” Linda said “you just fainted. Heh, I said “uh, I did?”

So the paramedics were all around me and I’m telling them I’m fine and they’re looking for a pulse on my left arm and aren’t finding it and the other one says “I’ve got a strong one on this side” to which I reply, “well, see, there’s the problem, all the blood just rushed from the left side of my body to my right side!” Apparently, you shouldn’t joke with paramedics right after you’ve passed out, they don’t think it’s funny.

They suggested I passed out from seeing the blood, but because I’ve seen worse accidents than that I highly doubt it. More likely it was the medicine and donut I’d had at 9:00am and nothing else the entire day, this was 2:00pm. Note to self: HAVE LUNCH!!

Laura should be an EMT. She was good under pressure and handled everything well. Up until the point I’d fainted I was doing quite well myself. Once you’ve fainted though, you can’t go back…

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