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3/17/2005 - WOOO

Last night I went to a really fun show at the ACME Comedy Club in LA. Thanks to Steve, we got tickets for half price off Goldstar Events for What’s My Line (though half of the people I told thought I was going to Whose Line is it, Anyway? and I may have let them believe it because my memory is terrible, meh).

For anyone that doesn’t know the outline of the show there is a host and 4 panelists. An unknown person comes in and the panelists get to ask yes/no questions to decide what this person does. Quite fun and all improv. Often there will be a mystery guest, who is generally a well known person, and the panelist put on blindfolds and each asks one question to guess who the person is.

Last night the first person was an Irish Setter Breeder and no one guessed. She brought a beautiful setter with her that has won all these ribbons.

The second person was a Hula Hoop dancer. No one guessed that one either. She did a little dance for us in a little bikini with lace ruffles, black lighting, and a glowing hoop. One of the questions was “would all ages enjoy this dancing?” She answered, “yes”, but I can safely say that my grandmother would not have enjoyed that after hours hula hooping…

And then…the mystery guest was none other than Lisa Loeb. She played the game (poorly) then sang two songs for us and gave us a mini concert. It was really quite amazing and very fun, especially for only $9.

After the show we all had to carpool back to the Disney Studio Lot to get our cars. They had finished filming for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 earlier that day and were in the process of clearing the set (it was around 10PM). Linda spoke with Clark, threw around some big names she works with and got us on the set. It was SO cool! We got to walk around in one huge set of the swamp where the ride starts out with the cabin and the little old man rocking in his chair, and see the rumhold and the inside of the Black Pearl (from the outside, though).

Very, very cool evening. Linda ROCKS!