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3/17 - U N D E R S T A N D ??!!

Our regular dinner on Thursdays is a coffee shop called Lancers. We go there specifically for this menu item …

Soup AND salad,
sirloin steak, baked potato, carrots,
and ice cream or Jell-o

Quite a good deal and very delicious!

Word must be getting out on the street about this deal because over the past month or so it has been much busier than usual. One night we heard they even ran out of steaks. I say, always have more than enough of your signature item for the night…but that’s just me. With the increase of business there has also been a steady decrease of the customer service. I wouldn’t go so far to say that it’s bad in general, but we’ve had a few moments. One of these moments came last week.

There were 5 of us (well six if you count the baby!) because our friends came with us so we were enjoying the company. It was quite some time before the waitress came to take our order, but whatever…we were all chatting. We all finally ordered and after some time our waitress brought our soup and salads. My salad was not drained, there was a good quarter cup of water in the bottom of my plate. I had to sop the water up with the napkins we had on the table. When we brought it to her attention, VERY NICELY, saying that the salad wasn’t drained she just said that “yeah, it was the bottom of the salad, it’s almost gone.” Hm, well, okay…but I’m not sure why that prevents her from doing a little draining, but whatever. No big deal.

An HOUR later we still do not have our food. The baby is getting cranky and frankly so are we because we’re about to gnaw our arms off from hunger. We notice that the people next to us have gotten their food and finished. The table on our other side has just been served their S T E A K S and they came in AFTER us. In all fairness to the waitress she did, in fact, come over and tell us “we’re running a little behind, so you should know it’s going to be a while”, so we were prepared for a little wait. When an hour passed though and the people who came AFTER us got their food, we started to get a little annoyed.

Mark called the waitress over and (very politely) said “we’ve been waiting an hour and [pointing] their done with their food” to which she snaps in a bit of a huff “they didn’t order the special.” Mark then points out the table that came in after us has been served (and we can see plainly that it’s the steak) and she says “it’s NOT the special.”

Logistically, we’re sitting in a corner booth and I’m on the end so where she’s standing I can’t actually look at her without turning my body, which to this point I haven’t bothered to do. I like to think I’m pretty patient and try not to judge people to harshly, but what she says next…

Mark very nicely says "well, we've been waiting longer than anyone and everyone is getting served and the baby's cranky…and we’re getting frustrated…"

To which she says…shoot I can't remember EXACTLY, but it was something to the effect "we're running behind (or "they didn't order the special"), UNDERSTAND!" To which I almost gave myself whiplash turning to look at her and give her my best “oh NO you d’n’t just say that” look. We were all just sort of dumbfounded…and Mark said “Wow, what’s all that attitude about?!” The waitress said “it’s probably just up I think I saw the pancakes.” Like *that* was the hold up…??

So Mark called over the manager and we talked to her about it and she was very nice and sympathetic but didn't really *do* anything about it. Mark and Anjanae left and the manager boxed up their food for them.

As we’re talking about it Laura said "I knew it was bad when Cim whipped her head around, she's pretty tolerant"

So that was our last Lancer’s experience. We had to pay the full bill and while I would have left no tip at all we did give the waitress less than 10% and tipped the manager a little.

I’ve been in customer service a lot so I understand having bad days, it happens, but don’t take it out on the customer and when one of your employees DOES take it out on the customer by all means do everything you can to make it right. Comp. half the bill, give free coupons, whatever it takes. Especially, when the customer is someone you see EVERY WEEK in your establishment and who never complains.

So, I won’t be going to Lancer’s tonight, not because I think they will notice or that it will hurt them, but because I’m standing on my principle and because I’m frustrated with the situation.

Check with me next week, I might be over it then.