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**The names have been changed to protect the innocent
(or not so innocent as it were).**

I’m an executive assistant. It’s not a glamorous job, but it pays the bills and I enjoy it for the most part. Like everything it has its moments though. Yesterday was one of those moments.

Quite some time ago I scheduled a meeting with my boss and 2 other vendors (some which will be flying in). Each vendor was bringing about 5 people, so I expected about 15-20 in the meeting. People that included fairly high profile executives, like the CEO of my division, Larry and another executive less flexible with her schedule than Larry, Jane. It took some doing, but I finally found a date and time that worked with ALL 20 PEOPLE. I scheduled the meeting in my conference room because it was the easiest place to have it.

Jane has an assistant, Becca, who is a bit…shall we say…rough around the edges. Though she’s capable of being nice I don’t think it’s a natural instinct for her. She and I have had a run-in or two which have left me a little hesitant to work with her.

Mid-day the day before the meeting is to take place Becca calls me and says, “I think we should move the meeting to accommodate Larry’s schedule. He’s coming from off-site and it would be easier for him to come here than for him to go there.”

“I spoke with Larry’s office and while they said he’s coming from off-site they also said that he wouldn’t be more than a few minutes late, if any.” I said.

Becca countered, “Jane and I just think that it would be better to accommodate Larry’s schedule and make it easier on him. We can use my conference room if you’d like.”

Huh, Becca’s being very amicable, isn’t she? How extraordinary. I said, “Well, I’m concerned about everyone coming in from other places, we’ve had this set and everyone’s been planning on it.”

Eventually, I had nowhere to go. It was the CEO and Jane against little ol’ me, so I said, “Fine, I’ll update it and send out another invite.”

This means I had to get all attendees directions to the new location, passes to get into the new secure location which involved finding out full names as they appear on their ID, so this was not just a little, “oh we were in conference room 1 but now we’re in conference room 2 down the hall”. Whatever!

So I send out this update saying that "to accommodate Larry’s schedule we are moving the meeting to [new facility]. 5 updates later, and me looking like a complete incompetent, I think I have everything set. Becca even offered to order snacks for the meeting. This is just TOO weird!

The CEO of my division has 2 assistants the first, Mary and the second, Jack. Almost at the end of the day Jack calls me and says, “That meeting tomorrow….” To which I reply, “This isn’t going to push me over the edge is it?” He asks if I’m sitting down, then explains that Mary just spoke to Jack and wants Jack to have me send an update out to the meeting stating that the change in location had nothing to do with Larry but that instead it was Jane who requested the move. WHAAAAAA?? The conversation then went something like this…

Me: "hahahaha, right"
Jack: "no really"
Me: "seriously?"
Jack: "hahaha, yes"
Me: .....
Me: .....
Jack: You're not saying anything
Me: Uh, I have no words for this...

What I wanted to say:
Mary would like you to know that Jane’s office has requested that this meeting take place at the new location and not Larry’s. It is not Larry’s fault.

What I did say was:
There seems to still be minor confusion.
Jane’s office has requested that this meeting take place at the new location.

FYI-Passes have been confirmed for Gate7 for those that need them.

Oy, I still am not able to comprehend this childish behavior. Becca lied, Mary’s all sensitive, I look like an idiot, and we ARE NOT IN KINDERGARTEN!

The End…