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**This posting comes with a warning**
Some may say that Qwendy (the Q is silent) and I are harsh and mean, however, we are lovely people with great senses of humor. No, really! This posting was written only with LOVE. Hear that everyone...LOVE.

Qwendy's father-in-law has ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) and in the past month has given them a number of scares. Which is very sad and heart wrenching, but also...well, frankly, a little demanding emotionally.

Qwendy: so hi
Qwendy: and dammit
Cimmy: uh oh
Cimmy: what?
Qwendy: *warning mass use of expletives may come through out the day*
Qwendy: so we are back on "Death Watch" 2005 (said in newscaster voice)
Qwendy: but I'm all leery of it
Qwendy: because last time was just upsetting
Qwendy: for no good reason
Qwendy: but Ken is MAJORLY uncomfortable

Cimmy: right
Qwendy: and has pneumonia
Cimmy: oh dear
Qwendy: and won't leave Brenda alone
Qwendy: and is being very DIFFICULT
Qwendy: and combative
Qwendy: so..
Qwendy: I'm clearing my schedule
Cimmy: uh oh, that can't be good
Qwendy: to be there for the next little bit
Qwendy: to see if I can help
Cimmy: that's very good of you!
Cimmy: you're a good daughter
Qwendy: well. thanks..
Qwendy: but still it's like
Qwendy: i need a small attitude adjustment
Qwendy: because I'm kind of like
Cimmy: yeah, when my gma was sick, it was always death watch
Qwendy: "cmon.. we know your faking it"
Cimmy: and it was frustrating
Qwendy: or cmon just die already
Cimmy: because I had to FLY to NM and she was fine
Qwendy: I can do without all the drama
Cimmy: so, I totally understand on a small scale
Qwendy: ooooo I remember that
Qwendy: it was like every other week
Cimmy: yes
Cimmy: [eye roll]
Qwendy: "gma isn't going to pull through"
Cimmy: and you love them...but you get tired of the drama
Qwendy: cim tears up
Qwendy: runs to a plane
Qwendy: sees gma
Cimmy: gma beats her playing cards for hell's sake
Qwendy: and she says... "Oh I'm so glad you stopped by..,want to split my sandwich"
Cimmy: hahahahaha
Qwendy: "Oh.. and I"m all better.., turned out to be gas"
Cimmy: hahahahaha
Qwendy: "just needed to toot a bit"
Cimmy: right
Cimmy: so, I get it
Qwendy: ok.. phew
Cimmy: so you're coming to glendale today then?
Qwendy: so I'm not being insensitive
Qwendy: yes..
Cimmy: and this whole week?
Qwendy: after working a day
Qwendy: I mean after working a full day
Cimmy: sheesh
Cimmy: that's a lot
Qwendy: oh well..
Qwendy: if I didn't go
Qwendy: two things would happen
Cimmy: ....heh...will you be here for lunch?
Qwendy: a.) I'd sit here feeling all guilty
Qwendy: b.) Brenda is so frustrated him.. she calls him Princess (as in Princess & the pea.. because if his shirt is just a LITTLE bit off.. he throws a FIT) I'm worried she might actually kill him
Cimmy: heh....LOL
Cimmy: I"m sorry to laugh, but that's funny
Qwendy: no.. it's totally funny
Qwendy: especially when she adjusts his pillow
Qwendy: and says... "How's that my PRINCESS"
Qwendy: in a very witchy voice
Cimmy: hahahaha
Qwendy: so.. it's odd
Qwendy: but I'm afraid for Ken's life
Cimmy: yeah...
Cimmy: ross would have to visit his mom in the pokey...with Martha
Qwendy: totally
Qwendy: and Martha would be
Qwendy: "ooo I always wanted to kill my husband"
Cimmy: hahahaha
Cimmy: and then they'd write a book
Cimmy: and cover it in homemade doilies
Qwendy: oooo yes..
Qwendy: homemade dollies of DEATH!
Cimmy: BLACK doilies
Qwendy: ooooooooooooo
Cimmy: with a RED middle
Qwendy: or they'd form a mafia
Qwendy: and that's how you know someone was their victim
Qwendy: there'd be a doilie
Qwendy: cim... we should write movies
Qwendy: we are funny
Cimmy: hahahaha, totally!