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I recently had a horrendous experience with my health. Perhaps you'll enjoy hearing that little anecdote. Which will likely go on and on and on and on...because it *did*!

On 1/13/2005 I was scheduled for a little outpatient procedure to laser a kidney stone I had that measured 8 millimeters. This is a fairly minor procedure so it wasn't going to be a big deal. Heh...not a big deal. That morning I arrived at the hospital at 6-in-the-freakin'-AM for my 7:30 procedure. Sometime around 7:00 the dr. came in and said...I swear this is true..."The car the laser machine is on won't start. It's in Encino and they're trying to get it here. There's a lady scheduled for NOON so when we get it here we'll take her and then we'll take you in." So basically, she waited NOT AT ALL while I waited from 6:00-1:00. Pfffttt.

They took me in, did the surgery. The dr. came out and said to my friend Laura "that was a BIG bad boy, but we got it". I went home. My friend Tammy was coming over to stay with me that Friday just to be with me and help me if I needed it. I had an appointment with my PCP that day because after surgery I had an elevated heart rate that they seemed mildly concerned about. The dr. told me to just go into the office and they'd do an EKG and see how I was doing. I was feeling pretty good in the morning and Tammy took me to the dr.'s office, as luck would have it the nurse that does the EKGs was not there but out to lunch. So they said come back in a couple of hours.

After a nap at home Tammy woke me and told me that we needed to go back to the dr., by this time I was feeling quite bad. When we got there they took me in and did the EKG and my heart rate was still elevated and I had a fever. The dr. came in and pretty much took one look at me and told me that I needed to go be admitted to the hospital. Greeeeeeeaaaaaaat. At that point, however, I didn't much care because I was feeling so bad.

They got me all set up in a room, took my clothes, used me as a pin cushion and didn't tell me a whole lot. I had an elevated heart rate and a fever. Hmmm, sounds...well....not so much good.


Long story short (too late, I know) I spent a WEEK in the hospital seeing dr. after dr. including the infectious disease group in their CDC suits. I would have like to hear what they said, but I couldn't understand them under their suit masks. (okay, I made up the part about the CDC suits, but not the infectious disease dr.s visiting me.)

At one point I was so delirious from the fever, which was sustained at 103 for a couple of evenings, that I was sure Frank Sinatra was in the room next to me. Nurses, my mother and friends spent hours putting cool rags on my face and neck and packing me in ice to try to break the fever. (thanks guys!) It wasn't until about the 5th day that my fever went down to a normal level.

Come to find out...what I had was a BLOOD INFECTION...caused by some sort of scrape/nick/cut/poke to my bladder which allowed URINE to get into my blood. U R I N E in my B L O O D. mmmmHmmmm. ICK!

After a week in the hospital they told me I could go home. On one condition....I have *THIS*....

Which attaches to this......

Yep, that's my very own PICC line, feeding me 24 hour antibiotics for 11 days. *THAT* just came out Monday night and I feel like a new person. YAHOOOOOOOWIE!

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