12/28/2005 - How was your Christmas?!

Aaaaaaaaaah, what a great Christmas!  I have such great friends!  I’m so very lucky to be where I am.

We had a great day.  The Christmas program was lovely, though I did miss the “touch” my friends add to it when they’re in charge, nonetheless it was nice.  We were up at 6am to open presents, I think everyone was very pleased we all managed to get everything we wanted and then some!

I got new stuff for my bedroom, new curtains, a new bedspread and new sheets.  My bedroom has always been pretty mismatched, I can’t think of a time (except when I was a kid) that I had matching stuff.  I had yesterday off so I got a bee in my bonnet and decided I needed to paint an accent wall.  I went to OSH and picked out some paint (a dark, dusty rose) and then Linda and I looked at ceiling fans since mine is in such poor shape (it’s got burned out bulbs that can’t be removed because they are hanging by the wires and looks like it came from a 70s diner!  ACK!).  Even though I didn’t get any money for Christmas I decided to be spontaneous and buy one.  It’s lovely.  The blades are either light maple or a dark (almost) cherry wood and the fixtures are all a pewter/silver.  I love it; here is a, fairly bad, picture of the new fan

So, after 2 coats of paint, this is the wall.  I like the way it turned out.  At first it was really pink, but with the second coat it darkened more so it looked more like what I’d imagined.

Laura loved her signed (by 19 people) Harry Potter 4 poster.  She nearly swore!!!  “HOLY SHCRAP!”

Linda loves her “Clean Sweep”, though truth be told, I think she’s nervous about it.  We’re going to take everything out of her bedroom and make her sort through it so that we can purge some of the unnecessary stuff and then organize her bedroom better.  If we have time, we’re going to paint her an accent wall before we put everything back.  She chose a sage green which will look terrific, I think.  I’m not sure there’s time for that, but with 3 of us doing it I think it will go pretty fast.

My mom seemed very pleased with all her gifts and I think we all got along well and had a good time.  She brought some AMAZING treats!  Lemon squares (my favorite), brownies (her specialty) and this chex mix with some sort of coating that is so addictive!  I think maybe it’s laced with heroine. MOOOM!!!

If you were to ask people what super hero ability they’d want to have I’d guess a good percentage would choose invisibility.  What would happen, though, if you couldn’t become un-invisible or didn’t know how to.  I had a minor melt-down the other day and it was just stupid.  It was a little thing that I felt got blown out of proportion and I just sort of melted into it.  It was weird!  I don’t know…I sometimes feel invisible.  I’m not at all assertive, ever.  No, really, EV-AH.  Rather than say, “HEY! Include me” I’ll just go off and do my own thing and be hurt about it.  I usually get over it pretty quickly, but I guess it does become a “pebble in my pocket.”  Anyway, it was weird, and if you read this, again, I’m sorry.  It was weird and I just sort of lost it. So, my friends think i'm loopy, *I* think I'm loopy and that's just how it goes sometimes.