12/20/2005 - The Dreaded, "what to get..." question

I hate watching the front desk at work.  It’s not hard, it’s just that I’m the receptionist and have to answer the phones and pick up people and validate parking and pick up packages (especially around Christmas time) and stuff like that.  It’s just boring, I guess.  There are certain assistants who never have to do it…they don’t volunteer and they don’t get called on.  Me?  I’m not one of them.  Ah well.  I’ll just catch up on my blog entry for the day.

I’ve been playing with my new camera a lot.  I love it.  I barely know what everything does still!  I haven’t quite been able to master the night pictures, though that doesn’t stop me from trying.  Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken.  I’ve joined an online photo reference site called morgueFile.  It’s great, there are some GREAT photos there.  Have a look at mine.  Let me know what you think

I had this great idea for a Christmas present for my mom.  She’s got an old VCR and I thought that getting her a DVD player and some movies would be a great idea.  I found the perfect one, no bells and whistles…she’s not that kind of mom…inexpensive but would still do what she wants.  I had the DVD player in my cart and was just picking out some movies but didn’t know what she might like.  I called her, “mom, what’s your favorite movie?”  “Oh, I don’t know…I guess Ben Hur.  That’s spelled B E N   H U R.”  “Yes mom, I know what it is, in fact, I’ve even seen it.”  Bloink, Ben Hur in my shopping cart.  Then I went on to ask her about movies, knowing that she LOVES Robert Redford and Paul Newman I mentioned them and she sort of hemmed and hawed.  So I asked her what her favorite comedy is, then she proceeds to try to tell me that she doesn’t really like movies.  WHAAAAA?  Doesn’t like movies?  Apparently, she doesn’t have time for movies.  Okay, whatever…BLOOP, empty cart…  Then I had no idea what to get her, so I got her this book…cuz apparently, that’s all she likes…Book Lust 2006: A Reader's Calendar, I have that and I got her a puzzle, See’s candy, a HUGE collection of rubber stamps and the Essential Willie Nelson.  Hope she likes them…  Meh.

I’d write in here what I’m getting for my friends, but they read this and what fun would that be?  I’ve had a lot of fun shopping for them though.  Some people, one in particular, might just pee his/her pants when they see what I scored them (clearly it isn’t my mother) and I can’t wait!  Last year was a tough Christmas because money was so tight and I really had nothing to shop with and I love to give on Christmas.

I got an update from my friend I took to the ER. She's really not feeling well, she's turned off her phone and basically gone to bed for the next 3 days. Hopefully, when she sees the doctor on Friday she'll check out all A-OK.