12/19/2005 - Tis The Season

Not “Happy Holidays”, not “Seasons Greetings”, not “Have a good vacation” but MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Since when is celebrating the birth of our Savior offensive to others?  Christmas always has been, and always will be about a baby being born in a manger in Bethlehem.  You’re not Christian?  That’s okay because I’m not offended if you say “Happy Hanukah” or “Merry Kwanza” or any other number of things.  SO WHAT!  It has ALWAYS been Merry Christmas and no one minds the lights, or the hot chocolate, or the presents…now though, it has to be turned into some commercial “season” or “holiday” by removing the Christ out of it.

So, to everyone reading this, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

I went caroling last night.  It was great fun!  A friend has a party every year and we get together, bring treats, then sing around the neighborhood.  Generally, we just do people we know but this time we branched out.  The kids wanted to carol a house that was the Griswald family Christmas house so we did.  The man answered the door in his boxers then slammed the door in our face.  HAHAHAHA.  Eventually, he did come back and enjoy the singing and had a good time but we all got a chuckle!

I had another really busy weekend, Friday I cut and peeled about 15 lbs of potatoes for our ward (church) Christmas dinner/party the next day.

Saturday was also an adoption fair at the Animal Shelter, it was a great success!  Of 29 kittens/cats 20 were adopted.  Unfortunately, neither Tom nor Lina were adopted.  They’re such good kitties, I can’t believe they hadn’t been snatched up yet!  COME ON, they fetch and have 6 toes!  Yesterday the director of the volunteer program called me and said that she was going to be at the shelter all day and would I like to bring them down.  At lunch I picked them up and took them in and guess what?!  They were both adopted.  They’re going to separate homes which is a little sad but they’re going to be so happy and do so well!  YAY!  So I’ll have a little break over the holidays and then I’ll start back up again if there’s a need.

After that I went home and rested for a few minutes then got dressed and headed over to the party with my potatoes.  My friend, Gena, was in charge so I volunteered to help out with whatever she needed.  I was immediately put to work making the Caesar salad which involved a LOT of lettuce tearing.  I think the evening was a great success, there was singing, and music, and food and best of all Santa made an appearance.  Unfortunately, I missed a lot of it because I was serving and helping in the kitchen, but everyone assures me it was a great time!

I spent Saturday night in the ER, and for once in my life *I* wasn’t the patient.  I left the party early and took a friend to the ER to get checked out for something that might (or might not) be serious.  We called her regular doctor who agreed that she should be seen and not wait.

We went to Providence St. Josephs which is our local hospital.  Now, trust me when I say that I have been in a lot of hospitals and ER rooms in my lifetime and never before have I seen anything like this.  People were spilling out of the waiting room into the entrance way, there must have been 50 people and no kidding, half of them were wearing surgical masks.  There were people leaning on the walls, people sitting in chairs, people sitting in wheelchairs and people lying on the floor.  There were people with bloody bandages, people sleeping, people looking half conscious…it was like an episode of X-Files or something.  We fairly quickly dismissed the idea of staying there without the use of a CDC suit or equivalent, though I did make my friend promise to let me take her to Glendale Memorial.

Glendale was far more manageable.  We checked her in and waited and shortly after her husband showed up and I took off.  Apparently, they got busy as well with a gunshot wound and a stabbing.

I finally got home around 11:30 or so…it was a pretty long day!

My friend?  She’s fine, she’s been ordered to bed rest and has follow-up appointments later this week.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to get all caught up on my sleep and rest.  Probably won’t happen, I’m thinking...