11/4/2005 - I'm never cleaning again.

EVER! Not.one.more.time.

The process of cleaning is supposed to be to improve the appearance of whatever it is you're working on, agreed? I thought that since I was on my own tonight with not much to do, I'd get a little cleaning done. (I don't need any "date night" comments so just put them back in your pocket, kay?!)

This is the result of my cleaning tonight. So is this. Impressive, no? I was vacuuming and noticed something moving from the corner of my eye. I turned the vacuum off to investigate...and hyperventilate. A BLACK WIDOW....IN MY HOUSE. I'm moving!

The first thing I thought of was "Get my sword"! Unfortunately, my spider slaying sword is in Utah in my storage unit. There was a shoe nearby, which will never be worn again, that I grabbed and squealed and tippy toed over to the spider to SMASH! Only, I couldn't get close enough and when I swatted at her she moved under the shelf. When I moved the shelf she charged me! Yes....you heard me, she CHARGED! I, of course, retreated (onto the COUCH squealing like a school-girl) and she ran back under the shelf. I took that opportunity to run to my next door neighbor's house, use my key, and find her 4' walking stick. This gave me a 4' buffer as well as a full body length.

I was able to smash her with it (and so it still lies on my floor!), it gave me the chills and the creeps and I'm never cleaning again.

The End.

PS-QMindybay is setting up her guest room for me. She said I could go stay for a week or so. I might have to take her up on that.

PPS-My house is now messier than when I started. My kitchen floor is clean though. That's something.