10/6/2005 - Oy!

Gosh, I’m a little bored right now. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been going and going and going and all of a sudden, it’s slowed down. That’s both good and bad I guess. Good because it gives me a little breathing/relaxing time but bad because I was really counting on all the hours of the freelance gig. Originally, it was estimated that we would have 400 hours and then another 400 hours on top of that if the speakers requested additional help. There are 4 of us doing the job so we were hoping to each have a solid 150 hours maybe a little more.

The company has been cutting the budget right and left because of projected poor turn out for their show. Too bad. Of the 421 session that were going to be schedule, we’ve only received drafts for 141 of them, ACK! That’s like only a third of them. Oh well, there will be others and I’ll just enjoy this one while it lasts and enjoy the check when I get it! Woooo!

I had another rough morning with cats, this time with my neighbor’s cats that I’m taking care of while they’re on vacation. I had fed them and taken care of them already this morning and everything was just fine. I went home and got ready for work and, amazingly, was a little ahead of schedule. As I was milling around the house taking care of a few things I decided I’d better go over and check on the cats again. A little odd, considering I’d already taken care of everything. When I unlocked the door there was resistance when I tried to push it open. I called in to Bagheera to move out of the way, but then through the crack I saw him lying on the floor, nowhere near the door. So I pushed some more and saw that the scratching post had fallen in front of the door, so I just gave it a good shove. Come to find out, also in front of the door was the 6’ floor lamp, busted…bulb shards all over the floor! YIKE!

I found 2 of the 3 cats quite easily and gave them a good pat-down making sure they weren’t cut or hurt. Check. I put them in the bathroom and closed the door. I couldn’t find the baby anywhere though and knowing that this was probably his doing I was worried he might be hurt somewhere. I called and called and finally he poked his head timidly out from behind the fridge, “is it safe?” Poor guy was pretty scared, but otherwise fine. I threw him in the bathroom with everyone else and started vacuuming and cleaning up all the glass.

The only lasting damage is the broken lamp and the quarter sized melted portion of carpet where the hot glass landed. I guess that’s not too bad. HAHAHAHAHA, it’s always exciting around my house!

I haven’t had a chance to do ANYTHING in the past two weeks. No movies, no going out for dinner, nothing. I guess now that I have a little free time maybe I can go see some movies. On my list:

A History of Violence (!)
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (!)
Corpse Bride (!)
Flightplan (meh)
Just Like Heaven

My friend said Flightplan was okay…not great. I heard Just Like Heaven was also okay.

SOON! I hope!