10/4/2005 - Irony

I just saw the funniest thing. Okay, so it's not so much funny as it is ironic, well, AND funny, to an innocent passerby like me. I was walking back from getting lunch and this guy was standing waiting for the crosswalk to turn to walk. It did, eventually, and this guy even looked both ways before crossing...and no one was there, at THAT split second. Out of nowhere though, this car runs the red light and nearly takes him out. The pedestrian jumped back, though I don't think he would have been hit had he stayed where he was, and as the guy passed he smiled real big and gave a feeble apologetic wave. You might be asking yourself "self (and you'll know it's you because you recognize the voice), that's not irony!" But THIS IS! As the car went past me, painted on the side was Burbank Driving School and the instructor was the only person in the car.

Last week in TAR there was a bit of irony I'm almost ashamed to admit I laughed heartily at. *ALMOST* One of the families is the Weaver Family, and I'm very sorry to say, their husband/father was killed at the speedway where he worked. Apparently, he was asked to retrieve some debris off the track and was hit and killed. Seriously, that's so tragic and sad. I'm very sorry for their loss, it can't be easy.

Last week on TAR (which? YAY! TAR is on tonight!) the teams had to do a detour and choose between Buggy or Build. Most teams picked buggy (though, *I*, sitting at home, said build) and their task was to use 2 of the 4 members to pull/push the buggy and the other team members on a 1 mile course. It was a lot harder than it sounds! Anyway, the Weavers chose buggy and the 2 girls were riding while mom and boy were doing the grunt work. Unfortunately, at some point the buggy got away from them and the breaks weren't working (or weren't being operated correctly) and the buggy ran.over.the.mom. Ran right over her. I'm ashamed to admit it. I LOL'd. Right there, watching it happen, we even watched in slow motion. I'm a terrible person, I know...but it was SO funny! Of course, no one was hurt, she went right under the buggy with no problem and came out fine. That's irony! That's scary! That's funny! sorry, mom weaver.

This morning sort of sucked! I was kept awake last night by heat, oh, it was cool outside, but for some reason, my bedroom was so hot!, by Dobby...boucing on and off the bed, on and off my head, on and off my back, attacking my exposed tootsies, and generally wanting to play. I dragged myself out of bed needing to feed the masses. I have 3 foster kittens at the moment and then my two, to top that off I'm also taking care of my neighbor's 3 cats, so I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

I took care of my house, moving very slowly, then went next door. Immediately I knew something was not quite right. The item they use to cover the couch so the new kitten doesn't pee on it was wadded up on the floor...and yes there was a little prezzie for me to clean up. Dakota is cute, but boooooy oh boooooy was I not in the mood to clean up his mess this morning, but of course I did AND I resisted the temptation to yell at him, scold him, throw him in the litterbox and stomp away. (yay me!) I'm still not sure it's cleaned up completely, but after 30 minutes I needed to get MYSELF ready for work.

Glendale has construction going on. I think they are calling it beautification, but frankly, it's just a pain in the neck. This morning getting off the 134 there was a back up...a very long back up. I sat in traffic in front of my building for 10 minutes not even moving, and I was just 30 yards from the driveway. pffftttt...

Here's the chat OJai and I had about it, along with some other bits I'm sure you'll enjoy.