10/31/2005 - Happy Halloween

I love halloween. So far I didn't dress up at work, no one else dressed up at work, we've had no trick-or-treaters and we're not watching a scary movie. *sigh* That's a big bummer. Oh well, it's still early(ish). I did however carve a jack-o-lantern, what do you think? Mwwwwaaaaaahahahahahahaha!

Saturday I went to the church Trunk or Treat. I wasn't going to dress up because I hadn't planned ahead but Linda gave me a good idea for an easy costume. I hung around my neck a box of Golden Grahams, then through the middle I put a knife with blood oozing out. Know what that is? It's a play on words...think hard...Serial Killer (Cereal Killer). Heeeee.

We had an adoption fair on Saturday and Dobby got adopted by a great family. I met the mom and the son and Dobby loved them! Thumblina and Tom Thumb are still with me and that's okay because they are adorable! Thumblina is getting better, I'm hoping she'll be better soon!

ONE....ONE TRICK OR TREATER! A butterfly, that was about 12, alone...

I just found out Bette Midler is 60 years old on December 1st. WOW, SIXTY, I had no idea. She looks great!

It seems like I had a lot to write about but I've been staring at my computer for close to an hour now and I can't even think of anything I need to say. Don't you hate that? Writers block, brain freeze, bad brain day...I don't know. It's annoying, whatever it is.