10/13/2005 - Hahahaha, no one to tell!

Much of my life right now is cleaning litterboxes. It's not fun, but I do it because it needs to be done and because the kittens I'm fostering need the help. I feel like I'm doing something that will bring joy to someone's life by bringing a pet into their home. It may sound corny--I don't care. Granted, after these 3 are adopted I'll be taking a little break, but that's okay. Anyway, the point of this post is what I found today. I swear I did NOT touch anything in this picture. I didn't touch anything, arrange anything, move anything, NOTHING... But this is what I found.

HaHaHaHaHa, isn't that PERFECT??!! Gross, but perfect! There was no one around to tell though so I tried to IM my friend QMindyBay but she wasn't around so then called OJai and made her sign on. Heeeeee. Here's another shot. That just kills me!

I wonder if there's a site I can submit my own hidden Mickey. What do you think? LOL

My freelance job is just about over. As soon as we get paid this is what I'm going to buy...I think...

I'm still trying to decide. I think it's between that one and this one

I'm very excited about it, in fact I'm so excited that I've been trolling on ebay and have almost purchased one a few times, I have to have the money in the bank first though so while my mouth is watering and palms are sweating I'm really *really* trying to be patient. Patience is so HAAAAAAAAAAARD!

HAHAHAHAHA, I'm currently watching The Apprentice....hahahahahahaha, these girls are amazingly foolish. The DQ mascot is ZIP this weird bug-eyed-fire-hose-spoon-carrying....uh, THING. [slaps forehead] these girls SUCK! I'll have to see if I can find a picture to post when the Web site is updated. Heeee, pah-thetic!