Episode Five-The one with all the mayhem
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To complete this Roadblock, one Team member had to perform a bushman hunting/training exercise of throwing a spear through a moving target 20 feet away to earn the next clue.

Successfully complete a hunting/training exercise conducted by bushmen. Hmmm. Either of us could do this one. Considering Cim’s bursitis, let’s say that Jai takes the spear this time. Our bushmen gurus await.

Brian: “This guy’s gonna teach me. He’s like Yoda.”
Jai: “I *heart* Brian.”

Cim: “Hey! Watch where you’re throwing that thing. It’s pointy.”
Jai: “Oops. You mean you’re not the moving target?”

Those bushmen are good teachers. Jai enjoys the Gods Must Be Crazy-ness of the moment, and after a few wild throws, manages to skewer the burlap target. (Waaaaay ahead of B-Rob, who is having a rough day.)

Hand over the clue, please, mister bush-guru! Thank you! Clue: Drive yourself over 35 miles through the bush to a remote cattle post known as Xua Xarra.

Is that all? We can easily entertain ourselves for 35 miles by trying out different pronuciations of “Xua Xarra.” Who’s driving this stretch? We both trust Cim’s mad off-road driving skills. No worries.