Episode Five-The one with all the mayhem
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HA! The guide just slapped a lion on the snout when it got too feisty! Hmmm. Maybe these aren’t the wildest of wild lions.

Task accomplished. Lions fed. (Wonder if they have the same supplier as served us at the Meatblock.)

Next: Drive back to Johannesburg airport. Fly 150 miles to Botswana. Travel 440 miles by train and bus to the Giant Aardvark.

Yeeeessss! New country! Giant aardvark! This day just keeps getting better!


Did you know that Gaborone is the capital of Botswana? You did?! Oh.

Arriving in Gabarone, we discover there is only one train out to Francistown, at 9:00 p.m. From there, we hop the bus to the village of Guenna and the Giant Aardvark. (You think Cim was excited about feeding the lions? You should see Jai in a dither about the Giant Aardvark.)

Jai: “That’s the biggest aardvark I’ve ever seeeeen!”
Cim: “It’s not real, you know.”
Jai: “That’s the biggest fake aardvark I’ve ever SEEEEEEN!!”

Giant Aardvark spits out our clue and says: Roadblock!