Episode Five-The one with all the mayhem
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Lions! Mandela! Blood! Orphans! Yoda! Wreckage! Self-righteousness! And the Brothers Awesomazov!

Part 2: The Next Day


Hey, remember how sick we were getting of horses horses horses? Guess what? We’re in for a treat!

Our first task of the day: Drive ourselves 30 miles to Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, one of Johannesburg’s Big 5 tourist destinations. Sign up for one of two shuttles (8 or 9 a.m.) to take us into the reserve to feed the wild lions and earn our next clue.

LIONS! Feeding the lions!! COOL. Cool, feeding wild lions. Cim is very excited about this! So is Jai, but she does a lot less hopping up and down, generally.

As we’re all waiting for the park to open, Gretchen and Meredith start begging for some funds from “the kids.” See, this is the point where making friends with people pays off. Would the other teams give us money? Yes, we do believe they would.

Time for lions! Heeeere lions! Who wants breakfast?

Park Guide: “If a lion jumps into the vehicle, FREEZE and do nothing.”
Jai: “Eeeep.”
Cim: “Yeah, if a lion starts to eat your face…do not move!!”
Jai: <snort>
Cim: “If a lion jumps into the truck, I’m feeding them Ray.”
Jai: “I’ll help.”

Uchenna: “I’m not making eye contact with anybody!”