Episode Five-The one with all the mayhem
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Run around, collect items, greet cultural villagers (“Hi, chief!”), swap Polynesian Cultural Center reminiscences, etc. Jai is in cultural-dork heaven. Cim makes friends with the tribal greeters. A good time is had by all.

We deliver our final item (a tribal war helmet, it would seem) and get our next clue. It says drive back into Soweto to find the Baragwanath Market…

“Who Likes to Shop?”
In this Roadblock, one Team member had to search the marketplace and purchase five items for a local orphanage to earn their next clue.

Blech. Neither of us likes to shop. But it’s for the orphans! Shopping for orphans! (“How much for ze leetel girl?”) Either of us can do this. Jai has done the last two Roadblocks, so it’s Cim’s turn.

Jai waits at the outer edge of the market and trades quips with Brian about spelunking and marketing.
B: “Yo, G, pick up some deodorant, we’re getting low!”
J: “Hee hee heeee.”

Cim shops up a storm. Toy, shirt, diapers, blanket, backpack. Check check check check aaaaand check! Hey, throw in a little something extra, while you’re at it. It’s for the kids, after all.

Shopping completed. Deliver items to Orlando Children’s Home.

This is awesome! Best Roadblock Ever! All those kids cheering when we race in. It is very touching. Cim cries like a little girl. (Even Jai gets a bit choked up, and it is a well-known fact that she is dead inside.) We high-five the kids, kick around the football, wish we could hang out and play some more. But no, gotta get back on task.