Episode Five-The one with all the mayhem
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We race through the airport and find our marked cars, where the clue inside says…Fast Forward!


[T]the first of only two Fast Forwards on the entire Race. For this Fast Forward, Teams must travel 26 miles to the town of Soweto and make their way to the top of a cooling tower. Then, balancing 30 stories above the ground, they must cross a narrow suspension bridge to earn the Fast Forward award.

Jai: Hmmm…maybe. Only if we are first off the plane, and first out of the parking lot. We could do it, the walking over the high wobbly bridge. Couldn’t we?

Cim: We’ll skip it, we’re in good shape. And WHOA….that is SO high! I’m not sure I could do that. I mean…I would try, but I might die.

Jai: “But...look, we’d be strapped onto a bungee…”
Cim: “I. Might. Die.”
Jai: “I see. Right then. Okay, what’s next?”

Okay, good choice. We’ll skip the Fast Forward. Instead, we’ll head straight for the Detour.

Tunnels or Tribes?

In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Tunnels and Tribes. To complete Tunnels, Teams must travel 50 miles to underground caves and rappel 45 feet into the earth, searching the underground labyrinth for their next clue. For Tribes, Teams must drive 40 miles to the Lesedi Cultural Village, home to five different native tribes. Once there, they would find six traditional items, only five of which correspond to the five tribes in the village. To earn their next clue, Teams must deliver each of the items to the tribe that owns it.

Cim: Crap, those caves are really, really narrow. Jai, can you talk me through this? Or would we do the tribal thingy?!

Jai: Tribal thingy! Tribal thingy! Cim is claustrophobic and I am a sucker for a cultural village. I’m a cultural village dork. Plus, I think I like saying "spelunking" more than I like doing it.

Also, we are agreed that we are generally much better at navigating above ground than below. Off to Lesedi Cultural Village with us!