Episode Four-The one with Mister Raincoat
And the one that's not so fun since Cim was in the hospital
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Shipwreck or Island?

This Detour required Teams to choose between Shipwreck and Island. Teams choosing Shipwreck had to search a seven-square-mile area filled with abandoned ships for a specific shipwreck using only a 30-year-old picture as a reference. To complete Island, Teams had to use a map to travel four miles through the confusing delta waterways to the San Antonio River and find an island on which their next clue was located.

Just about everybody chooses to find the boat. Why??! We choose to find the island. We’re better at navigation than luck. (I think.) Find Star Island on Rio San Antonio. Come on, they’re just handing us the map, right there! Oh yeah, totally find the island.

Well some teams have some broken-boat luck…too bad for them. We are nice to our boat and boatmen, and find Star Island no problemo. Clue: riiiiiiiip. Travel 35 miles by taxi to the town of Vicente Casares and find La Martina, the most prestigious polo club in Argentina and the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.

Polo, huh? Meh. Well the best part of this bit is that the greeter on the mat with Phil is…a polo pony!

Welcome, Cim and Jai! Would you care for a polo lesson?

Um. Er. No…no thanks. We’ve had enough of horses for a while.

Drums of doom. Phil pointing. Eyebrow pop. Sad piano music for last team, and they are eliminated. Well goody. Okay then. Goodbye, won’t miss you!

As a side-note, Cim is okay now. But THIS is what the hospital did to her!!

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