Episode Four-The one with Mister Raincoat
And the one that's not so fun since Cim was in the hospital
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Next step: Fly to the city of Buenos Aires on one of two available flights
(9:30 a.m. or 2:30 p.m.).

Once in Buenos Aires, travel to the English Clock Tower and find “this man”—who happens to be a shady-looking guy in a raincoat—who will give us our next clue.

B-Rob and Ambuh leave the bags, like smart people. Oh, they all do. Good call. I think they’re starting to get the hang of this.

We all wander around the clock tower.

Smith brothers: “Mister Raincooooat?” Hee hee.

Ah, here he is! Now then. Travel by train nearly 20 miles to Tigre, and find the docks located at 700 Levage to find the next clue. Not so bad. (Except for the fact that during the ride, Jai cannot be restrained from growling like a tigre. Until Cim finally, amiably, tells her to shut up.)

At the docks…