Episode Four-The one with Mister Raincoat
And the one that's not so fun since Cim was in the hospital
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We’re near Mendoza, Argentina, staying here.

To begin this leg we riiiiiip the clue and find we must drive about 25 miles to the town of La Lunta and find a gaucho ranch called Cabaña la Guatana.

Good morning! Welcome to your Roadblock!

Who’s ready to horse around?

In this Roadblock, one Team member had to participate in a traditional gaucho challenge. First, they must ride a horse around a series of barrels and then, using a stick, spear a ring at the end of the course. If they could perform the task in 40 seconds, a competitive time for an Argentine cowboy, they would receive their next clue.

Barrel riding, eh? Hmmm.

Jai: Well, I *have* ridden a horse before, though not for a loooong time. Cim is an animal-lover, but not so much the big giant animals. I’ll need a couple of practice runs, definitely. Although, let’s take into account the fact that I ate a LOT of meat yesterday. It will depend on how my digestive tract is doing, for sure. Okay, I’m on it.

Cim: “Wooohooo!!”
Jai: “Gah! Dude, don’t spook my horse.”

Ride, ride, ride…fall off maybe once. Yeeeeeeehaw! Made it!