Episode Three-The one where everyone suffers from gastrointestinal distress
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To review: We are in Santiago, Chile “nestled near the Andean foothills.” Cerra Santa Lucia was the pit stop. We are nestled there.

[The teams open their] first clue to learn they must drive 150 miles to Argentina and find the bridge known as Puente Viejo for the next Route Marker. Arriving at the car park where their vehicles waited for the drive through the Andes, disappointed [teams find] it closed until 5:00 the next morning, allowing all the other Teams to catch up.

The clue says, “Caution: Yield ahead.” Duly noted. We consider our Yield strategy.

Cim: “It’s too early for Yield strategy.”
Jai: “Too early in the race? Or too early in the morning.”
Cim: “Yes.”

So, the car park doesn’t open until 5:00 a.m. and we’ve got some time to kill before hitting the road for Argentina.

Jai: Oh by the way, we’re totally spending this time mapping out a route.
Cim: Definitely go back to the hotel and get a map and directions and plot our course.
Jai, with map: “Okay, Cim, we are here. And we are going here…”
Cim: <Yawn> “Just point me the way out of the parking lot.”

After the doors of the car park opened at 5 a.m., all nine Teams began the long drive into the Andes mountains.

It is predetermined that Jai, being a child of the wide-open Mountain West, will drive the long between-city legs. In-city? Cim is the expert city driver. Cim can get us out of Santiago while Jai navigates. And mind you, we do NOT get lost for two hours. In fact, we don’t get lost at all. We’re that good. Good enough to find the highway Al Norte and the exit clearly marked “Los Andes.”

Jai: Whoa, it’s the long and winding road. I better be driving.
Cim: Okay, but… [Note to self: always carry barf bag.]

Cim: “Wow, look at those mountains!” [hhhhhwwwwaaaa]
Cim: “Oooh, check out the snow!” [hhhhhrrrggggggg]
Cim: “Are we there yet?” [bleeeeergh]