Episode Two -The one where Jai can't read all the books
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“A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform, and no person can do more than six on the entire Race.”

Who Loves Shoes?
In this Roadblock, one Team member had to choose a shoe shine representative to accompany them while they shined five pairs of shoes, earning one Peruvian sole per shine, before returning to the union headquarters to receive their next clue.

“Not me. I love barefoot.”

Jai: I could do it, but I think you'd have better luck. And also better Spanish.

Cim: I could totally do it. I'm little, people like me. Wait, maybe that's the wrong approach, you KNOW I'm hostile and unapproachable….

Jai: Hahahahahahah. But THEY don't know that!

Cim: Oh, that's right. Okay.

Cim: Hmm...this was a toss-up for me. I'd probably do it and turn on the small charm. Also, Jai might actually punch the 15th person that said "no" to her shoeshine, and then shine his shoes out of spite.

Jai: I would not! Okay, maybe I’d be tempted to hurl my shoeshine box to the ground with great force. And maybe it might accidentally knock someone out. And then I would shine his shoes.

Okay, so, it’s Cinnamon. Good thing she’s been working on her patter. Cim puts on her bright blue official shirt (“It makes your eyes daaaaance!”) and hits the streets.

Cim: You would have said...“Go! Shine your heart out!” And I would also tell people my name is Canelita (little Cinnamon) so as to gain their trust and friendship.

“Señor! Señora! Me llamo Canelita! Por favor, I would like to make your zapatos clean! Shoeshine! Uno sole! Solo uno sole! Muy bonita zapatos aqui! Woohoo!”

Cim, working the small and cute angle and totally giving everyone a brilliant smile and puppy dog eyes, rocks this challenge. (Also, maybe being low to the ground helps.) Dust and polish. Dust and polish. Patter patter patter. Dust and polish. Five times. It’s a shoeshine clinic. Finito. Back to the Shoeshine Union Headquarters. How awesome is it that there is a shoeshine union?

Our next clue awards us plane tickets, and we’re off! To…

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