Episode One-The one where Jai deals with RECALCITRANTS
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From LAX, we are off to Lima, Peru. (Shout out to Heather, who used to live there!)

Cim: “As we ALL know, Peru is famous for donkeys and blankets.”
Jai: “Um…”
Cim: “Yes it is! Lynn and Alex told me so!”
Jai [who lives for this kind of thing ]: “Okay, but Peru is most well known for places like Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca and the Amazon River headwaters.”
Cim: “See if I ever believe Lynn and Alex again. Oh, the GAME IS ON, they’re going down!”

Lima, Peru

Once we land in Peru [yawwwn, stretch] we have to find the bus that takes us to Plaza de Armas. Which isn’t too hard to figure out. A bus is a bus is a bus. (Cim is primarily in charge of Spanish for this trip, although Jai can also add some Sesame Street-level phraseology.)

Having reached the Plaza de Armas, we find our next clue which tells us we must travel 30 miles by bus…more buses??!…to Ancon. There we will take a rickshaw (yay for rickshaws!) to Playa Hermosa and dig through sand to find our tickets to Cusco, Peru.

Jai: “Vamanos a la playa!”

Upon arrival at the beach we have to dig through mounds of sand for tickets for our next flight. There appear to be several mounds scattered.

Jai: “Trust NO ONE!”
Cim: “Word.”

We split up to check the possible flight times. Cim finds a marker for 7:40 a.m. Jai finds a 6:00 a.m. We don’t find anything earlier, so we drop to the sand, dig, dig, dig, and claim our 6:00 ticket. Yay! Giving us plenty of time to sit placidly on the beach watching the later-arriving teams running around cluelessly.

We’re forced to spend the night on the beach. Cim grumps that she would rather have gone to the airport and waited there, but she gets over it quickly. Ahhh, sleeping on the beach in Peru, how lovely!

We get an early start for the airport to make sure we know what’s going on and can check the flight status. Because that is how this game is played.