Episode One-The one where Jai deals with RECALCITRANTS
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Welcome to TAR7…the one Jai and Cim should have been on.
(Although Cim can admit now that since she was in the hospital and with doctors part of December and much of January it’s perhaps best that she was safe at home. Sorry!)

Long Beach, CA
The Amazing Race 7 starts in “historic harbor” in Long Beach, CA

Welcomes from Phil, instruction from Phil,

Heeeeeere’s Phil! Talking. Blah blah blah, Los Angeles, blah blah, race around the world, yada yada yada. [Cim, staring glassy-ed, is so distracted by the sight of Phil she can’t make any sense of the words coming out of his mouth. Good thing Jai can keep her Phil-crush controlled under pressure.]

Eight elimination legs over the course of the race. Grab your backpacks, on which you will find your first clue. Find your marked car, jump in and race!

Phil: “Good luck, have fun, and travel safely. GO!”

Jai is off like a bullet. Cim saunters amiably in the general direction of the packs. Overconfident, much?!

Jai [yelling back over her shoulder]: “CINNAMON! It’s a RAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!”

(Those of you playing along at home…DRINK!)

Cim: “D’oh!” [runs like the wind, throwing judiciously-placed elbows at the other teams]

Riiiiiiiiip. Jai is in charge of reading the clues. Because, unlike some other teammates we could mention (*coughCimcough*), she will READ THE WHOLE CLUE. Meanwhile, Cim is hopping up and down in anticipation.

First clue: Drive yourselves to LAX. Wooohooo! High-five! Because of all the possible ways to start this race? This? Is the best. Cim was born to navigate the Southern California freeways. She’s in her element. Like a swan on the river is she.

Cim: I jump in the drivers seat because…well…duh, it’s LA! Long Beach to LAX, easy…and so many options! 1, 405, 110, 91…take the 405 and arrive there in no time at all!